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New Story - "Grandparents" recalling the tragedies and insights into Jewish life in Eastern Europe. Read it on Jewish Stories page.

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NEW: "Grandparents" and "Recollections of Kristallnacht"

One night, not long ago, as my family sat around the Shabbat table, we were just talking about what life was like in Poland. I'm sure it's an experience shared by millions of grandchildren. So, suddenly, my mum says, "Why don't you tell everyone the bomb story?" And then my grandmother proceeded to tell me the most amazing short story I have ever heard. It shocked me that she could have kept such stories in her mind and not shared them up till now. I decided to write the story down, so that I could tell my children her unbelievable story of survival.

When I told my friends the story the next day, many of them had similar (and even more amazing) stories to tell. Not just stories of survival, but stories of everyday ordinary life. Not just war stories, but stories about the 'old country'. The more I asked, the more I found people with stories from Morocco, from Russia, from South Africa and many other places.

I knew then that this kind of heritage, wealth and wisdom could not go un-shared!

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